2015 - March - Shareholder Structure 

TEOS would like to announce, that the company's shareholder structure has changed. D2T, our former mother company, has been acquired by German company FEV on March 24th. 

As a result of this acquisition, the 50% of D2T shares of TEOS company are now controlled by IFP Investissements, which becomes Teos' mother company, equally with Mecachrome. 

This amendment will have a positive impact on the collaboration inside of the group TEOS-Mecachrome-IFPEN as well on its common offer. As a part of IFPEN, TEOS will work on the advanced research and the concept development together with its mother company, by saving time, resources, costs and increasing efficiency and quality of the result. Moreover, IFPEN will participate more actively in the TEOS projects by contributing with its knowledge in engineering, testing and calibration.

April 2013 - TEOS has been officially certified EN9100 and ISO9001

2012 - Press releases about TEOS' activities

2011 - 2013 - TEOS Powertrain Engineering is part of a consortium led by Airbus Helicopters, with the goal of developing a performant Diesel engine for a helicopter application.

May 2011, PURE CORPORATION F1 Engine