Jet A-1 Aircraft Engine

    Teos Powertrain Engineering is also active in aeronautic sector. The Teos team develops different kind of turbocharged piston engines, burning Diesel or Jet-A1 fuel with automotive state-of-the-art injection system, and racing-type lightweight design. 

    Innovative approach of Teos allows to obtain such key values as: excellent fuel economy (BSFC 200 g/kW.h)lower weight compared to aeronautical piston engines (0.63 to 0.9 kg/kW), fuel availability (Jet A1), recurring manufacturing, as well as to position the company on the aeronautical market. 

    Potential applications: 

  • 35   –  75 kW      Drones, APU
  • 75   –  180 kW    Drones, APU, Fixed wings
  • 225 –  300 kW    APU, Fixed wings, Helicopter
  • 450 –  600 kW    APU, Fixed wings, Helicopter

    Clean Sky Project - HIPE AE440

    TEOS participates in the joint technology initiative (JTI) Clean Sky in partnership with Airbus Helicopters and Austro Engine companies. 

  • Power Performance: 330 kW 
  • Weight Target: 250 kg 
  • Reliability: 2000 h 
  • Fuel Economy: - 30% to - 40% (compared to turbine engine)
  • V8 Turbocharged Kerosene Direct Injection

   Clean Sky consortium has successfully completed the first flight tests of the engine demonstrator aircraft on    the 6th of November, at Marignane Airport.

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